4 Star Rating


When we don’t feel like cooking we call Pearl River to the rescue. Plus the little man loves Chinese food so it is always a winner. I love the Combination Fried Rice and the Won Ton Soup, they are soooo yummy.

The best part about Pear River is that the food is not greasy, there is nothing worse than having a stomach ache after greasy Chinese food… not the case here.

5 Star Rating


Delish. And they deliver. And (at the risk of sounding like a redneck) the staff speaks excellent English. They are also very friendly and on at least one occasion has helped me take my enormous order to my vehicle (which wasn’t parked very close). What more could you ask for? I have yet to eat at the restaurant itself, but it seemed pretty nice, though it had no windows.

Now for specifics: My husband and I are in love with the walnut shrimp, and the other day I found myself craving the broccoli beef. Of course I gave in! Also, I tried their salt & pepper calamari (pepper meaning hot peppers) for the first time the same evening and I think I’ve found another favorite. I feel so lucky that this great place is so close to our home. Check out their intricately carved front door – but be careful you don’t get clobbered by the people coming out of the restaurant while you stare at the art.

4 Star Rating


Silly us, for years we have been getting our take out chinese from a “not so good but what the heck they deliver” place in Willow Glen….Then one day I saw a banner for Pearl River (they have a 2nd locayion on Lincoln Ave and Curtner) looked on line, read other yelp reviews and will never have any “not so good but what the heck they deliver” chinese food again!

It’s good, fresh has an inventive menu…cream cheese wontons are to die for….the XO chicken…YUMMY…the best is the honey walnut shrimp…their curry is also great I could go on and on….Give it a try!

5 Star Rating


Go to Pearl River and order these items:

1. Walnut Shrimp

2. Wor Wonton Soup

3. Salt & Pepper Calamari


and you’ll be back!!!!

Thats how good this place is!

4 Star Rating


Fabulous local. Always polite, always friendly. My 1 1/2 year old son Tarzan has grown up going here often on weekend nights with us for dinner.

5 Star Rating


Wow, the shrimp fried rice is delicious here! Its too bad I was full after I finished my plate. Make sure you you

5 Star Rating


What can I say about Pearl River? I love the place. I used to live down near the Blossom Hill location many years ago and discovered this restaurant. Now that I’ve moved, I still drive about 20 minutes or so completely out my way to get their food. My favorites are the House Special Beef, Pork Chow Mein, and Spring Rolls. I read the reviews about the huge Egg Rolls and they’re right; they’re huge. It’s not your typical Egg Roll, so if you’re looking for something more main stream, go with the Spring Roll.

When you dine in, you get a free little bowl of Wonton Soup; it’s fantastic! They’re great for takeout as well. They give you generous portions either way. It’s usually not very full in the dining room. It’s also very casual and a good place to bring kids.

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Thanks, Steve.

It was perfect and the catering plans look good. We’ll definitely order again.

Jennifer Truitt

Vice President, Service Delivery